—Does it scare you?


—That’s good. Want to know why that’s good?

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Out of seven million people, why did I have to run into you yesterday?

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This is a very important message for young people everywhere

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Stephen Amell Panel || Via (@kgregoriash - Twitter)

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Can I see a video of this panel!!!

Now please!

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"I’m a hopeless romantic so I believe in love. It is actually the one thing we all wish to have and the one thing we can’t live without. To love and to be loved. If you believe in love, you have no choice but to also believe in that one true love. From the second you see that person you will know and from that point onwards your heart will say to your head, “I told you so”. But here’s the catch, you won’t know till the very end of the film – but hey, that’s life…and hey, that’s love!"

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That kind of makes him a hero, doesn’t it?

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